Empower your Knowledge
Launch your Startup

Are you a Vilnius University student eager to harness your knowledge in a real business, meet like-minded students that share your passion and might become your business partners? Join us as we guide you through the exciting process of creating a startup!

How does it work?

Tech Hub pre-accelerator is a 6-month program, designed to equip participants with essential entrepreneurial skills and helping them find team members while offering hands-on experience in launching a startup.


Apply until September 29th, 2024

The program consists of 2 parts:

1st month

Work on business challenges and team-building activities to find potential team-mates and practice solving real-world problems.

2-6 months

Form a team and practice building your own startup.

Our team has pre-accelerated 180+ startups

Who can apply?

All Vilnius University students (or students who plan to study in the university from September), who want to learn about business creation and try doing a business themselves.

Why you should apply?

1. Opportunity to meet a co-founder

The program gathers the most motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds and skills, allowing you to network and even collaborate to assess compatibility.

2. Gain business development skills while creating a startup

Engage in workshops led by top-notch experts in innovation, business strategy, marketing, sales, and more, with personalized mentorship.

3. Network with ecosystem

Present your ideas to various investors, business angels, and become a part of the startup ecosystem.

4. Access to state-of-the-art co-working space

Utilize meeting rooms and shared workspaces at VU Tech Hub (located in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration).

5. Prizes and partners offers

Students will receive perks and prizes from our partners.


Do I need to have a team or an idea to participate?

No. The applicants are accepted individually. The goal of the program is to help you find potential team-mates and come up with a business idea that you can pursue.

Can I apply if I already have an idea for my startup or a team?

Yes, of course. However, each member of your team should apply individually, and will or will not be accepted individually. You will meet other students during the first part of the program – solving challenges, participating in the teaming activities. If after the first part of the program you decide to continue working on the idea you initially had or you decide to change the team or the idea – it’s up to you.

Can I participate if I am not a Vilnius university student?

No, unfortunately the program is designed for Vilnius university students only. If you plan to study in VU from September, you can also apply.

When will the program start?

The selection process of the applicants will start in the beginning of October and the program itself will start in the end of October.

How will people be selected?

We want to have a pool of the most motivated people with diverse backgrounds and skills, therefore we will accept 45 students (15 from Tech (Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Life Sciences Center, Faculty of chemistry and Geosciences), 15 from business (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Business School, Šiauliai Academy, Kaunas Faculty), and 15 other subject experts (Faculty of Communications, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of philology, Faculty of History, Faculty of Medicine, TSPMI).
People will be selected by our jury depending on motivation and background, skills.

What will the schedule be like?

During the first month most of the working-day weekends are going to be packed with activities similar to hackathons, teaming activities, business challenges, to make sure you get to know each other well and understand how innovations generally work. The rest 5 months every Monday you will participate in a group lecture, and for the rest of the week individually work on your idea, participate in individual consultations with lecturers and mentors. Sometimes on Wednesdays we will also have our partners lectures about different topics that you may benefit from.

Is this a mandatory program or is it a part of a study plan?

No – all participants participate voluntarily because they are eager to use their knowledge and skills in creating their own business. 😊

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