BlockNet project – educating blockchain experts

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The fundamental goal of BlockNet is the development and practical implementation of an interdisciplinary Blockchain Technology (BCT) Small Network Online Course (SNOC).  To date, there are no interdisciplinary courses providing students of different majors with knowledge of BCT, its applications and impact on business environments, as well as comprehensive essential skills to be prepared for the interdisciplinary work they will face in future projects.

The project was started at the backdrop of paradigmatic changes in the technology landscape, where BCT is emerging as one of the most hyped, but also most promising innovations of recent years –agreeing on that we notice a strongly growing demand for experts and personnel with a wide range of backgrounds and skills in the field of BCT. The growing number of Blockchain Projects and expectations towards the technology highlight the need for a comprehensive understanding of how this new technology is affecting and improving existing structures and relationships in the business environment. The project will prepare European students and help them to gather the knowledge and skills needed to exploit new market opportunities and to be prepared for changes in employment trends. 

The project was launched at the same time as the new Master program “Financial Technologies (FinTech)” at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University and the Master lectures “Blockchain in Supply Chain Management” at TU Dortmund University. Due to the opportunity to involve students in evaluating the developed learning materials, BlockNet stands out from many prior similar projects. BlockNet will evaluate its intellectual outputs readily during the lifetime of the project not only through the new Master programs, but also through a blended-learning activity conducted at the Blockchain Summer School at the University of Copenhagen in 2020. Feedback received from students, lecturers, and industry partners will make it possible to implement the needed improvements before   project closure. 

An impressive list of companies on the Advisory Board of BlockNet will ensure a close collaboration of the academic partners with the relevant industry players in collecting BCT case studies, validating chosen learning outcomes and disseminating project results.

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